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How it all started

Discover the personal story behind the creation of My Job Glasses: that of our co-founder Frederic who, at some point in his life, came to the realisation that every decision he had made regarding his career choices was perfectly random.

This thought hit him when he turned 30 and inspired him to create the mentoring tool you are using right now! However, he didn’t do it all by himself. He was soon joined by Emilie, our other co-founder, who turned out to be the perfect match, as her skills perfectly complement those of Frédéric. In December 2015, they started their entrepreneurial journey together and launched My Job Glasses. (To know more about Frédéric’s early career, find out how he met Emilie and read our full story, you can check out this article).

Emilie and Frederic had one goal in mind: to ensure that every young individual — regardless of his academic or social background — can benefit from the support of professionals to find his way. Although the mission has never changed, our impact is nowadays much bigger! Our team is steadily growing and our community of mentors is already the largest one in Europe!

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