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Globe Trotter – Writer – Working on my dreams

Mon parcours

  • 2006 Diplôme de l’Ecole Multinationale des Affaires KEDGE Business School
  • 2006 Diplom Betriebswirt Université de Münster – Westfälische Wilhelms Universität

Formation conseillée

Compétences recommandées

  • Adaptability
  • Independance et grande mobilité .
  • Empathie
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Project management
  • Multiculturalisme


I believe that fulfilling dreams is a key element for a balanced mindset and lifestyle, as traveling as a way to re-discover oneself and make space to grow as an individual and as a part of society. I believe that taking the risk to explore the unknown in oneself and in foreign cultures is a precious path to open mindedness and true knowledge, to humility and altruism, and that those are powerful tools to re-define and re-invent.

I also believe that traveling the world is a way of better understanding the people that constitute it and thus better approaching it as a whole. I believe that understanding the environment in which one evolves is a foundation of success, personally and professionally, as it leads to « better » decisions.

I believe that diversity is richness and that comprehending it leads naturally to “more” and “deeper” working together.

And in the globalized and fast moving world of today, every organization will find that a better understanding of what truly moves the world and brings people together leads to giving more « sense » to business and thus, through new insights and visions, create not only more, but also a longer « lasting » value… for everyone.

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