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Senior Magento Developer / System Architect
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  • 2007 Coventry University

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I am a web developer specialising with the e-commerce platform Magento. I am rather a backend developer interested in new technologies, new working methods and people/team

In my job,

I build and maintain projects that my company need to function optimally.

– currently, I am assigned a project that requires the understanding of nodejs, javascript, fabricjs particularly.

– also, I support my colleague with Magento by building/maintaining the sites she has built before I arrived in the position.

I studied Mathematics initially and was awarded a Degree in 1995 after studying 3 years for it in Reims.

After 2 years working in France as a Delphi Software developer, I made the jump to move to UK in 2000.

Since, my career as a web developer has been quite active. I have always been a techie doing/implementing projects. Yet, I have been leading my own Limited Company for 5 years promoting my services to companies using Magento all around the world.

Today, I am settled in a job that can seem a setback but I do find many interests in this new position that I have started recently. I learn many new technologies and discover a team that is layback, busy and enjoy helping a profitable business.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job!