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  • 2015 Université Paris-Sud 11

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I am a postdoctoral researcher with IBM. I am conducting research in the academic sense and applying the results to industrial problems.

My work consists of developing new approaches to solve challenging problems in an original way. These approaches are then to be empirically tested and/or theoretically grounded. These results are then submitted to the scientific community via conference or journal articles where the peers reviewed the originality and quality of our work in comparison to the state of the art.

The second facet of our job is to use the expertise we develop to problems faced by industrial partners in order to improve their workflow.

This work requires people to be up to date with the latest scientific developments in your field and to improve it. It is the most challenging and most exciting part of it. It requires also to be able to work efficiently as part of a team.

To be a researcher, having a PhD is mandatory as a first experience in research. The background can be various as a lot of problem requires expertise from different fields.

I got this place after my PhD and various experience as postdoctoral researcher. I think I can discuss in all generality about my experience as a starting researcher.

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