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Pricing Manager

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  • 2002 IPAG Business School

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To be a pricing manager I became a market and product expert to make the right price propositions to reach for win-win agreements.

Among a lot of other things, I study and analyse the market (trends, environment, competition, customer needs and expectations). This allows me to define the price levels for each market segments and each key accounts.

There is also a lot of project and communication management involved when for instance a price change needs to be communicated or a new team member comes on-board.

The training initially received at IPAG allowed me to rapidly understand the complex and intertwined machines that companies are. My path reflect this complexity 😉

Focused on the company as a whole, my career took me from controlling to CFO positions in multiple industries (hospitality, tech, industry). However, the sales and marketing side of the business always had my attention and priority, I reoriented myself towards these departments after nearly 15 years on the finance side.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job!