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Lead Project Manager
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  • 2006 Polytech' Montpellier

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I manage a portfolio of clinical projects for clients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and medical device area.

As team leader, I have to ensure a good communication within my team and make sure the workload is properly distributed and assigned to the right employees.

As project manager, my main objective is to ensure that all my projects are progressing with the pace and quality standards requested by my clients. I try to provide a weekly follow-up to all my clients and if any issue arise, they get contacted as early as possible.

I am also in charge of promoting my company’s services at trade shows and conferences.

When a future client request a quotation on a specifique project, I am in charge of defining the budget and writting the proposal.

I am available to discuss about the different roles I had during my career and how it is possible to change from a working area to another.

I can also offer some advises about working abroad since I have experience in France and in the UK.

Please, feel free to contact me!