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Software Engineer
Rakuten Institute of Technology

Mon parcours

  • 2015 DUT Génie Électrique et Informatique industrielle IUT de Rouen
  • 2012 STI Genie Electronique Lycée la châtaigneraie Mesnil Esnard

Formation conseillée

  • Bac +3
  • Compétences recommandées

    • Autonomous
    • curiosité
    • Logical thinking
    • Adaptability
    • Fast decision making


    I am software engineer assisting researcher to build/improve their prototypes and create products.

    To be specific I do a lot of experiment to understand, develop and improve algorithm related to the research before they go to production.

    I am also in charge to explore new technologies to use in order to create innovative products.

    After my studies willing to be a part of the growing industry which is robotics I started to work in hardware positions within robotics companies. Because I want a good balance between HW & SW I aimed for a software position. Since then I develop and maintain deep/machine learning solution to use and deal with big data and in a near future robotics.

    Don’t hesitate to contact if you wish to know more about it.