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Surface modification team leader
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  • 2011 PhD in BIological Physics The University of Manchester
  • 2002 DESS physicochimie des surfaces, systemes colloidaux et fluides composites UTC Compiègne
  • 2000 IUP génie des matériaux, option polymères Lyon 1

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Hi everyone,

I am currently a team leader in a biosensors startup company.

I have a background in physical chemistry, material sciences and biophysics.

My missions are:

-literature review of existing technologies

-advising the team with solutions for surface modification and functionalisation

-finding innovative ways to functionalise our sensors

-testing new surface modification on sensors

-writing up R&D reports and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

After a Polymer Material Sciences Degree and a Master in Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Colloidal Systems, I worked 2 years in the Netherlands and moved to work for Unilever in the UK for over 8 years, where I also did a PhD in Biological Physics.

My interest in nanotechnologies and its biomedical applications pushed me to do a post-Doctorate in Biophysics at the university of Tel Aviv for 2 years and I then had the opportunity to join the Ram Group to develop biosensors.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job