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President, Asia

Mon parcours

  • 2004 BA NEOMA Business School
  • 2004 BA TongJi University

Formation conseillée

  • Bac +5
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    • Hustle

    Hi folks.

    I am involved in the private jet and yachting business since 2004.

    Most importantly, my passion is to create new market opportunities, connect people together and make things happen.

    My role includes:

    – deal negotiation / deal closing with UHNWI clientele

    – multicultural team management

    – multicultural clients management

    – business expansion / sales strategy

    – marketing / business development

    My advice: Follow your passion and keep hustling until you get what you truly want.

    If you’d like to have a call to discuss about the ultra luxury industry or just get advice in general, contact me directly through my Instagram account {O2xH2O} and leave me a message there: www.instagram.com/o2xh2o/

    I wish you all a fun and successful career development.