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Global Sustainability Manager – Coffee

Mon parcours

  • 2007 Ingenieur en Agronomie et Foresterie Integree Bordeaux Sciences Agro

Formation conseillée

  • Bac +3
  • Bac +4
  • Bac +5
  • Compétences recommandées

    • Project management
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • strategic thinking
    • communication
    • Développement durable


    I am Sustainability Manager with a passion in transforming agri-businesses and food systems into more sustainable supply chains, mandatory in our growing pressure on planetary boundaries. In a current role contributing daily to this objective, demanding as well adequate skills in building awareness and capacity amongt my peers as well as having solid project management skills, I have built extensive experience in responsible sourcing and origination of agro-commodities supply chains.

    My main duties are:

    – Responsible for developing partnerships and projects at global level for Olam Coffee.

    – Monitor and Drive project execution

    – Develop stronger partnership with donors, customers, development organisations to build a more resilient and sustainable coffee supply chain.

    I did my Master final internship in Mozambique, in a small natural timber company. After graduating from the ENITAB in 2007, I was comfortable in returning to this company, as Junior Forestry Manager building their Forest Management Plan and maintaining their FSC certification.

    After a couple of years in Central Mozambique, I was offered the opportunity to become Certification Manager for a large-scale investment fund with the objective to develop the plantation business in Northern Mozambique. After another 2 years on this job, I was again offered to join Olam, as project manager, with the responsibility to develop a large scale natural forest concession model, maintaining sustainability at the heart of its business model.

    I was then promoted to the Sustainability Manager for Olam’s coffee plantations in East Africa and since then grew in importance in the region, taking more and more responsibility until becoming the CR&S Manager for the whole S&E Af. Region at Olam.

    Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job