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B2B SaaS growth scaling / Entrepreneur / Web3 / 20y exp. in Asia & Europe/ CMO

Mon parcours

  • 2022 Blockchain Specialization INSEAD
  • 2008 Exec General Management Program Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • 2001 Maitrise droit privé Université Paris 2 Panthéon Assas

Formation conseillée

  • Bac +4
  • Compétences recommandées

    • – creativity
    • Teamwork
    • Agility
    • Marketing
    • Digital
    • Agile


    I’m a marketing architect.

    Since 20y in Europe and Asia, I help tech companies grow faster by understanding what they stand for, and where they want to go.

    Companies are built on a complex set of cogs (tech, product, finance, sales, management… and marketing). My role is to listen to every unit, align their targets, and then build a marketing engine.

    I’m a designer, a builder, a shrink, an entrepreneur, a writer… I’m the oil in the machine !

    I started in France with law studies but in parallel moved to an ad agency. Way more fun.

    Then they sent me to India for 6 months. I stayed 5 years. And met my wife

    Then I moved to my wife’s homeland, Sweden. I worked there for 10 amazing years.

    I structured the marketing of big tech companies, advised scale-up. I also built my startup, and some marketing online tools you can check at https://leadnostic.com

    Now back in Paris, France, my hometown as CMO and consultant !

    Let me know if you want me to tell you more!