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Mon parcours

  • 2000 Master in Mechanical Engineering INSA Strasbourg
  • 2000 Master in BA Université Laval

Formation conseillée

  • Bac +5
  • Compétences recommandées

    • Decision making
    • critical thinker
    • Common sense
    • Listening skills
    • Finance
    • Management


    Serial entrepreneur and Business Angel. My role is to build an organization and make it execute the established strategy by supporting and leveraging strengths from each team member. Simple to say … though many bumps along the way. So I also serve as a shock absorber when hitting bumps.

    – Support team member in their duties and take decision when needed

    – Define priority business / UX / resources

    – Identify biz weaknesses and work with the team to close the gap

    – Exchange with customers to get a feeling where we stand, stay on track of UX.

    – Promote the brand to consolidate current state and prepare next step of growth.

    – Exchange with existing and potential investors.

    Firstly hired as process engineer to help a software R&D, I was appointed by the same company a few years later plant manager in South East Asia. I then joined another company in Asia still, and became VP manufacturing for the main BU with several plants around the world. Thanks to inspiring managers along my career, I then decided to build my own company. I went raising money just after the financial crisis and build the company in 5 years to a multi millions manufacturing with 450 people. I exited the business by selling it to an international company, my BA making a healthy IRR. Since 2017 I serve as business angel for a few start up and started again in 2020 as founder of my current company – supporting the future of digital transformation using our proprietary nocode techno and buiding an organization from scratch.

    Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job