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Ieva Grinsteina

Entrepreneur / Marketing Specialist / Audit Analyst
CTG Group / Deloitte

Riga, Latvia

Anglais Letton

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Ieva Grinsteina

Entrepreneur / Marketing Specialist / Audit Analyst
Chez CTG Group / Deloitte

Anglais Letton

Riga, Latvia


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I am an Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist in the E-commerce industry. I work selling paintings, auto chemicals, and East-Asian foods online. Occasionally we also work with agriculture.

Currently, I am the person who manages an E-commerce website, its database, inventory, social media, logistics, newsletters as well as supplier relationships. In other words, anything to do with, an East-Asian Online store specializing in end-consumer goods. I also work with other E-commerce companies that require a marketing consultant and graphic designer. I consult them on marketing campaigns and create banners and content for their respective businesses. 2-3 times a year I attend industry exhibitions and events to talk to potential partners and customers.

I am constantly interested in trying new things and learning about myself. In school, I was interested in computer science and programming. This is also the time I developed Photoshop skills and skills for editing videos. I helped organizations around me to develop my respective skills. Afterwards, I went on to learn International Management at ESC Clermont and Marketing at DBS. During my studies, I had 3 internships, 2 at Digital Marketing companies and 1 at an e-commerce/wholesaler company. I finished ESC as the Valedictorian and DBS with 1st-class honors.

I have always been inspired to create and develop my own thing, therefore in 2022, I started my own E-commerce business in partnership with CTG Group. Now I'm passionate about helping others and learning more about mentoring. Currently, I am mentoring a start-up business and I started a new venture at Deloitte!

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my journey or my job responsibilities,