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Suraj Bharti

Toulouse business school

Arc de Triomf, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

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Suraj Bharti

Chez Toulouse business school

Français Anglais Hindi Népalais

Arc de Triomf, 08018 Barcelona, Spain


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I am an Indian National that has Indian/Nepali parents. I grew up in both countries where I did the French education system (I passed the brevet) and then finished high school at the British School Of Kathmandu Nepal ( got my A levels). I have always loved to engage in group activities and Leadership roles ( Head prefect in High school and Captain of our Senior Boys Volleyball Team). Collaboration and innovation are skills that I always aspire to improve.

I have worked at SKY LAGOON in Iceland for 3 months with the sales team and have had the opportunity to better my customer service skills.
I am the co-founder of a startup called 410 where our goal is to help companies build a brand identity, here is our website:

I want to learn more about HR as I think it is an important aspect of running any business and would love to get any insight to help me grow and better manage my team.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job