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Yuqi Yang

Pellat Finet Project Executive
Zadig & Voltaire

Paris, France

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Yuqi Yang

Pellat Finet Project Executive
Chez Zadig & Voltaire

Français Chinois Anglais Japonais

Paris, France


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Coordinated and supported the daily aspects of collection development, retail operations, and event planning as a PELLAT FINET Project Executive at Zadig&Voltaire.

In my role as a PELLAT FINET Project Executive at Zadig&Voltaire, I contributed significantly to the development and management of the collection for 2024. Here's a detailed description of my job responsibilities:

**Key Achievements and Responsibilities:**

1. **Collection Development:**
- Coordinated with the creative director to arrange and manage the development of the collection for 2024.
- Assisted the general manager in various aspects, including product development, budget planning, collection production, digital marketing, communications, PR, media strategy, and KPI analysis.

2. **Retail and Event Coordination:**
- Collaborated with the Boutique Director on retail, visual merchandising (VM), and event planning in the boutique.
- Contributed to the planning and execution of events, enhancing the brand's presence and engagement.

3. **Strategic Collaboration:**
- Worked closely with cross-functional teams to ensure the alignment of collection strategies with overall business and communication goals.
- Engaged with various departments, including marketing, communications, and digital teams, to create a cohesive and impactful brand image.

4. **KPI Analysis:**
- Played a key role in the analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), providing insights and recommendations for optimizing business strategies.

5. **Creative Direction Support:**
- Provided support to the creative direction team in shaping the brand image and maintaining consistency with Zadig&Voltaire's identity.

My role at Zadig&Voltaire showcased your versatility and capability in overseeing diverse aspects of collection development and brand management. This experience reflects my ability to contribute to the success and creative vision of a renowned fashion brand.

As a highly motivated professional with a Master's in Fashion & Luxury Management and a Bachelor's in Mathematical Economics and Statistics, I bring a diverse skill set to the table.

Currently positioned in Paris, France, I serve as a Project Executive at Zadig&Voltaire. In this role, I collaborate closely with the creative director, overseeing the development of the 2024 collection, and contributing to product development, budget planning, and digital marketing.

My experiences at GROUPE IFOP and TEAM INSIDE have honed my skills in data segmentation, persona building, and digital project management. Notably, as a Global Fashion Media Strategy Consultant at CHANEL, I orchestrated 360° digital/physical assets activation, demonstrating proficiency in qualitative and quantitative analysis of key performance indicators. I've made significant contributions to brand image development, mentoring programs, and successful event coordination at Christian Dior Couture, Vilebrequin, and Y/PROJECT. With a background in HRBP coordination at Prada Group, I possess expertise in recruitment, staff relations, and data analysis.

Holding certifications in Javascript, Perfumery, WSET Wine & Spirit Level II, and HTML & CSS, I am a versatile professional with expertise in merchandising, sales operations, and customer relationship management. My analytical prowess, creative mindset, and adaptability in cross-functional and cross-cultural environments position me as an ideal candidate for roles in the dynamic fashion and luxury industry.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job