How can I find the mentors that are best suited for me?


Someone told me you feel ready to take the plunge and start contacting mentors on My Job Glasses? Good for you!


If you have never done it before, you may feel a little lost and probably don’t know where to start. No worries, this article is just what you need! It will help you figure out how to find the best suited mentors for you, the ones that will be the perfect match for your aspirations.

By the way, if you still don’t know where you want to head to career-wise, here’s a piece of reading that can be helpful.


Ready? Let’s go!




Once your account is all set, you can start looking for a mentor through our search page just here.


Note to yourself: you won’t be able to contact any mentor if your profile isn’t fully completed. Make sure you to validate your profile before you start looking for any professional. If you have any question on how to complete your profile, you’ll find all your answers on our FAQ.


Once you get on the mentors search page, you will see a few profiles by default.


These results are totally random and not filtered: you will for example find the profile of some of our newest members, mentors that are highly recommended by our community, as well as mentors working in different companies and sectors: we basically just want to get a sneak peek of our large community!


Now, when it comes to the search, you have different options. You can either:

  1. Search by keywords
  2. Use our search bar to filter the results by categories
  3. Search by style



If you want to search by keywords, first you need to identify the best word to describe what you’re looking for and type it on our search bar.


Sometimes, you will see some suggestions appear based on the keyword you’ve chosen. The tool will, for example, recommend job titles, companies, sectors, or school names. If it matches your search, you can just click on the suggestion and then access the profile.


However, if our recommendation is not adapted to what you’re looking for, you can just decide to ignore them and simply press enter. Just keep in mind that the results might just be less precise and a bit more limited.




To refine the results, you can also use our filters. For instance, you can narrow down your search based on:


Company industries. Let’s see what happens when we try looking for mentors working in Public Relations or Communications. You just have to select the filter and press Apply.


Company name. You can either scroll through the list of the companies or type the name of the company you’re looking for in the search bar. If you don’t find the one you had in mind, you can write to us so that we can find a solution together. Keep in mind that we have new mentors joining us every day, and we really want you to find whoever you’re looking for.


Company size. If you only want to speak with mentors working in small businesses or with mentors working in big companies, this filter will definitely help you narrow your search.


Seniority. This filter will help you select professionals based on their professional experience. You may feel more confident talking to professionals who have recently entered the business world. Or maybe you prefer speaking with more experienced professionals, the choice is yours!


Location. The location is the place where the mentor is currently based. This filter can be useful, especially if you want to meet pros from a particular city, region, or country.


School. If you’re still studying, you can try to look for “alumni”, that is, a professional who used to go to the same school as you. You can also look for a professional that graduated in some area you’re interested in and ask him/her about it!


Language. Since our mentor community is quite international, you can search for English-speaking and French-speaking professionals. Just choose the language you’re most comfortable with!


👉 If you want to start your search over, don’t forget to delete all the selected filters!




Last but not least, you can search by style if you really don’t know what you’re looking for.


The style search is available when you click on the search bar. You’ll find a list with different styles and you’ll be able to select the one that you’re most interested in or the one you think fits you the most.


For instance, if you’re a creative person, you can select this style and scroll through the list of mentors. Another example: if you’re interested in the public sector, you can select this style and see the different types of jobs available for yourself! Don’t hesitate to try this option!


If your search shows no results, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you get back on track:


Don’t hesitate to widen your research: sometimes, a role can exist in more than one specific industry. By the way, finding out more about the different jobs available in one industry can also be very interesting for you.


Another option is to try again a bit further in time. New professionals are signing up on our platform every day, which means that the profiles represented are getting more and more diverse indeed. As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t find any results matching your criteria, do not hesitate to click on the Make a request button: our team will try their best to find new mentors.


You will also notice that some mentors are available while others are not. If you really wanted to meet with a mentor but he or she is not available for now, you can just click on the yellow star next to their name in order to add their profile to your favourites list. That way, you may contact them later, once they are available.


You can also select the Available now filter at the top of the page. This will help you narrow down your search and make sure that you’ll be able to contact the professional right away (yay!).


If they’re available, you can send a contact request! Need some tips on how to contact a mentor, here’s an article for you.