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Are you at college, a student, in professional retraining, self-employed, in a job for 5 months or 25 years, and you want to develop and flourish in your job? For 7 years, we have brought together the largest community of committed professionals in Europe to share their profession, skills or professional expertise with you. So what are you waiting for to become an Explorer and contact them?


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Because we want to give everyone an equal chance to be fulfilled in their work, we’ve put together the biggest community of committed professionals in Europe. Everyone can easily contribute by sharing their experience. Would you like to make a real impact by participating in the emergence of the French champion of committed professional networking?

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Find your bearings or refine your career plan

Meeting job ambassadors gives you access to authentic accounts of what it’s like to work in a particular profession. Through these exchanges, you can explore the possibilities, define your criteria and find the job of your dreams!


Developing new skills
Our community of job ambassadors is on hand to answer all your questions and help you discover and develop new skills.


Build or deconstruct your career plan
Exchanging ideas with external people allows you to take a step back from your career path. These professional encounters will enable you to gain perspective on your professional project, to better define or deconstruct it.


Accessing the hidden job market
With My Job Glasses, you can approach professionals, even before recruitment processes, and indicate your availability and appetite to receive job opportunities from the companies of the professionals you meet.


Discover our community of professionals through our search engine and find people who work in the fields that interest you, or who have the skills you want to discover or develop.


Send them a message to arrange a meeting and find out more about their career path and the realities of their profession.


Meet them
Face-to-face, by videoconference or by telephone, talk to the professionals of your choice and expand your network.


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