Career guidance: what does your dream job look like?

Giving your time to share your professional experience is a way to rediscover your profession.

Sometimes we tend to think that our dream job is unattainable, that dream jobs only exist for other people or that it will take a lot of effort to get ours. In reality, our dream job is the activity that allows us to put into practice everything we love about ourselves (we just haven’t been brought up to think that way). So it’s always worthwhile to take a minute, think about our qualities and everything we love about ourselves, and tell ourselves that it’s entirely possible to turn those into a paid activity.

How to approach your dream job?

As Confucius once said: “Choose a job you like and you will not have to work a day in your life.” The activity in which we are most fulfilled is the one that allows us to give and receive at the same time. For example, running allows us to “burn” calories, thus “spending” energy, but, in return, invigorating our body! This principle works for all the activities we undertake, including work. If we decide to emphasise our qualities and make an effort, we will develop these qualities even further and gain some experience along the way. At the same time, we will allow others to benefit from our qualities by using in our activity.

How do you find your career path?

The key for finding your career path is to engage in an honest introspection exercise. It is sometimes difficult to become aware of your own values and qualities, but these thoughts should not be overlooked when considering a career path.

To help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, put yourself in a situation and observe your reactions, your personality, your desires, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of those close to you and those around you, they will be worthy and provide answers!

Once this exercise is over, you will be able to select the qualities you like most about yourself and start thinking about the activities that would allow you to use them as much as possible, on a daily basis.

Creating your own job and approchaing orientation in a different way?

Do yourself a favour: imagine a dream job where you only do things you love. Put aside the limiting thoughts that make you say that what you want is not possible, close your eyes and let your imagination take you where it wants.

That’s it, you’ve just created your dream job. You may find that the job you imagine is more or less related to what you loved to do as a child, when you had no limits and were not yet formatted to meet the demands of your parents, teachers, etc.

If you really want to succeed professionally and occupy a job that makes sense for you, this is an essential exercise that you can do over and over again. Even with all the good will in the world, it is difficult not to be influenced by society and by the environment around us, so it is crucial to know how to go back to basics.

Creating a new job: the key to career orientation?

The sole purpose of all this self-awareness is to allow you to feel at ease, in the right place and to enjoy what you are doing. The more you multiply the moments of the day when you feel good, the more you attract positivity.

Finally, doing what you love is the key to career success. And to achieve this, nothing sounds better than creating your own “customised” job according to your values, preferences and qualities!

This is why job customisation and employees’ personal development is particularly promoted within companies: when a person sees him/herself evolving in a pleasant environment aligned with his/her expectations, he/she can only be more productive!

Career guidance: a final choice?

A quick rhetorical question to remind you this: NO, your dream job may not be permanent! Don’t put pressure on yourself to find THE job of your dreams. Your desires will change according to your different experiences and you will probably be attracted to new things. What you like and who you are in 2022 may be different in 2024, it’s the principle of evolution! What you liked 10 years ago has certainly changed since then, because you have experienced new situations and you know yourself and your desires better.

You must therefore enjoy the now and take into consideration your current motivations, without worrying too much about what the future holds. This implies being able to ignore norms so as not to conform to what others would like you to be and become instead the person you want to be.


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About the author

Stéphanie Maros

Independent Personal Growth Coach

Graduated from IÉSEG School of Management, Stéphanie supports people who want to improve their lives and live their dreams by eliminating limiting thoughts and boosting their creative power. After years in HR and consulting, she created a startup dedicated to retirement. Following personal and professional challenges in 2021, she transformed her life and now shares her experience to guide others. Her caring approach and life experience make her a valuable resource for those seeking to change their lives.

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