The genesis of My Job Glasses


Back in the summer of 2015, Frédéric Voyer came to the conclusion that he had spent 8 years of his life on a job that was too conceptual and that it did not make sense to him at all.

He realised that throughout his studies (high school, prep school, engineering school), he had made career choices by default. For instance, in engineering school, after 3 drastically different projects (construction, aerospace, energy), he ended up choosing the applied mathematics option and, right after that, taking a job as an actuary, not really knowing what it involved. At that time, most of his peers were keen on becoming bank traders, right before the subprime crisis hit the market.

At just 30 years old, he became aware of what he had been lacking since he was a student: meetings with professionals from all fields, to know more about their positions and tasks. In fact, he had never met a single actuary before choosing that profession!

With his idea in mind, he began organising meetups between his friends (already working professionalsand students and saw for himself that these simple moments were crucial to inspire the younger generation… At the same time, some of his friends felt the calling to become mentors. This is how he got the idea of creating a platform that would facilitate meetings between young individuals and mentors and went on to quit his job as an actuary. My Job Glasses was officially born!

At the end of 2015, Frédéric met Émilie Korchia, his co-founder, during a networking lunch. She loved Frédéric’s idea straight away, since she was already a networking expert herself and had some experience in the non-profit sector. Prior to meeting Frédéric, Émilie had spent 10 years in the Disney group, starting in a position she was not very keen on but soon finding a path that motivated her. She was persuaded that networking could help young people find their way and be as fond of their jobs as she was. And that is how our two thirtysomethings went on to engage in this entrepreneurial adventure together.