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Aurélien Morizot

Group Purchasing Manager
BDR Thermea Group

Strasbourg, France

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Aurélien Morizot

Group Purchasing Manager
Chez BDR Thermea Group

Français Anglais

Strasbourg, France


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I discovered Purchasing and Supply Chain Management during my second year of DUT. We had an introduction class in our program, which aim was to discover the main departments of a company. For me, it was like an epiphany and from that day on, I decided to concentrate my studies over those disciplines. I continued my course with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management and Logistics, and I finally specialized in International Purchasing.

For me, this profession is a perfect mix of all the company's sectors. You need great analytical skills, you have to be comfortable with numbers and able to extract operational strategies from them. You also have to be a great negotiator and know about the intercultural aspects of the supplier you are dealing with. Personal qualities such as organization, rigor or empathy are also needed to be an efficient purchaser and to understand the job in its entirety.

My ambition is to work in a volatile environment which requires agility and problem-solving capacities. I wish to explore all the opportunities offered by this profession and improve my expertise throughout my career. The intercultural aspect also matters to me and I am looking forward to meet international interlocutors and discover new ways of thinking.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I would be happy to discuss with you about it,