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Thibault Minondo

Software Consultant
Four Pi App and Web Development

10 Avenue Raymond Boivin, 33600 Pessac, France

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Thibault Minondo

Software Consultant
Chez Four Pi App and Web Development

Français Anglais

10 Avenue Raymond Boivin, 33600 Pessac, France


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I'm a creative and inventive Business Developer offering over 3 years of track record sales success. I'm a dynamic thinker with proven expertise in consistently penetrating new markets to ensure sustainable growth. Expatriation completed in 2016 in New Zealand and Australia, being a freelance providing successful change management support towards digital tools. I have 3 years of experience as a Business Developer, accomplished for 2 French software editor :
- A first year for @ADSI, building from the ground-up a Sales Department, and the "go-to-market" strategy of an order-taking iPad app. Defining the target markets (after an analysis of the existing customer pool), creation of the marketing material and emailing campaigns, elaboration of the first customers and prospects files, institution of a whole Sales Pipeline, definition of KPIs... 12 months of a rewarding and meaningful experience covering all duties of a Sales Manager.
- Followed by 2 years for @Jamespot, a French Enterprise Social Network editor. Facing an imposing competition (Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Yammer,...), the challenge was to settle a sustainable and discerning identity on this booming but fierce market. Tenacity and boldness were the motos of those thrilling and successful 24 months, leading Jamespot to be the number 1 collaborative platform "made in France".

I have put an end to this Parisian adventure in December 2016, closing a 3 years chapter in France to give birth to a long time foreseen expatriation project. Settled in New Zealand first, and being a true coffee amateur, I've taken up the challenge of getting a job as a Barist, in a country where everyone praises their morning caffeine infusion. I also became a blogger for a French Website, Le Siecle Digital, writing articles about start-ups and digital news.

I relocated in Melbourne beginning of 2018, willing to make the most of the booming Australian market. Since then, I am freelancing, leading various digital transformation projects, hence helping Aussie organizations improve their business processes.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job