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Francois Schoentgen

Senior Vice President

Schweizerstraße 30, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria

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Étudiants, Professionnels (Personnes en poste, à la recherche d’un emploi, à la retraite, en reconversion ou dans une autre situation), Professeurs, pour préparer mon intervention dans leurs classes de collège ou de lycée (en présentiel ou en visioconférence)

Francois Schoentgen

Senior Vice President

Français Anglais Allemand Néerlandais Portugais

Schweizerstraße 30, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria


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Présentation de Francois


I lived, studied and worked in 9 countries. Being a truly international profile, I have been working accross several industry sectors during the last 27 years.

I gained a lot experience in 9 companies, working in a lot of different Divisions or Business fields and 14 different Business Units accross 3 continents and 5 countries, in several functions (Marketing, Sales, KAM, Project Management, Business Development, Operations, Finance&Controlling and General Management or CEO positions)

As a mentor (I am a mentor professionally already since > 14 years) , I would like to share my knowledge about leadership, crisis management, growth management, human relations, personnel development, coaching, mentoring,, diversity management, muticulturalism, multilinguism, market and technological disruption, strategy planning,integration, technical lobbyism, processes, negotiation techniques, crm and much much more, depending on what you think you could be asking from me and that I did not list here...

From a successful Mentoring process, I expect eagerness to exchange on all topics that matter for the mentee and ability to learn from it, open and confidential discussion, solid mentee´s organization (regularity of meetings and quality of discussions), mutual feedback, trust, fairness and openess

My Personal Investment : first of all my time, as much as you would need/require to feel comfortable with the process and enrich yourself from our discussions/exchanges.
You will experience me like I am in real life. My motto in business has always been and still is "say what you will do and do what you said you would do" and "be true to yourself and the others".
I have a rich and long experience in various cultures, countries and business fields with a multitude of customers, an extensive network (in and outside my current company, in and outside the automotive industry) and a very pragmatic driven approach to all topics being treated or discussed even if I do not dislike from time to time to refer to theories.

Other things that I consider as important are the willingness to grow, to move, to confront oneself to change and disruption, be open to the world, maintain a certain degree of humor and always keep a strong dose of ... optimism.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job