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Maxime Therrien-Arel

Research Assistant
University of Sydney

Montreal, QC, Canada

Français Anglais

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Maxime Therrien-Arel

Research Assistant
Chez University of Sydney

Français Anglais

Montreal, QC, Canada


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Présentation de Maxime

Hi there!
My name is Maxime and I am a French-speaking Canadian startup and consulting enthusiast. I am a current CEMS Master of International Management (MSc) student in Australia, and have previously studied in Canada, Australia, and France, and worked in Canada both Canada and Australia.
My work experience has been quite diverse, currently as a Research Assistant for the University of Sydney Business School, as well as being a startup founder for a surf-business idea in my free time, and now doing a virtual consulting project for an European NGO. Previously, I worked in business development for a B2B software company (working with C-Level executives in 30+ countries) and was a coordinator for a tourism program in Canada (working with young adults and teenagers seasonally).
On a professional level, my interests, as indicated above, are quite diverse. I enjoy entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, technology, problem-solving. On a personal level, I am a fanatic of surfing, hiking, travelling, and music.

Why am I on MyJobGlasses? During my bachelor program, I regret not reaching out and asking more questions. Therefore I believe this is a great initiative, and I will gladly do my best to help you.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job