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Floriane Malot

VP Innovation, Sustainability and Partnership


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Floriane Malot

VP Innovation, Sustainability and Partnership
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I am not really a typical alumni: I started with a DUT in Food Business (Technique de commercialisation agro-alimentaire) and a DEUG in Foreign Languages (LEA Francais-Espagnol), I moved to Ile de France for a License degree at IUP d'Evry in International Business focused on China, followed by a Master degree in International Business Master Degree at Paris 12 (Creteil), that I completed at Universite de Cergy Pointoise.
I did all my internships abroad: Mexico, Luxemburg, China, and the UK, where I spent 15 years working in various domains. I am now back in France working at the Chateau de Jouhé.

After working for large and small companies, from supply chain, customer service and business development, I decided that I did not want to fit into one particular job, and decided to be an independant consultant for start ups and small businesses in areas I liked.
- Chateau de Jouhé: I am helping the foreign owners of the Chateau to achieve their vision of creating a peaceful haven for the local wildlife whilst supporting the development of their hospitality business. My job goes from pure direct translations between traders and the owners, to managing the relationships with local NGOs and authorities.
- Growth Strategy consultancy: I offer SMB advice on how to shape their business to optimise their time and be ready to scale up when the time comes, using digital and organisational strategies. I also offer strategic support for French companies who want to expand to the UK, in the marketing and IT industries.
- Shiatsu Therapist - I retrained as a shiatsu therapist and offer appointments from a fixed location and home visits. I find new clients using highly targeted Facebook marketing.
- HiverBeers, a sustainable honey beer brand, I managed a portfolio of 4 experiences, including beekeeping and beer tasting that takes place every summer & welcomes 3000 people/year. I am in charge of recruiting, training and managing the experience hosts, daily operations, customer service, as well as sales channels and partner activation.

In the past, I have worked for:
- At TheoryGlobal, a Paris-based B2B marketing agency, I am in charge of developing our business with EMEA / Worldwide organisation, outside France, as well as creating Buyer Persona profiles, market research, creating and moderating cross-functional workshops. Clients are large/medium sized multinationals primarily in the technology industry and other industry that are advancing their marketing practices.
- MyPlasticDiary: I have joined the MyPlasticDiary team as VP of Innovation, Sustainability and Partnership on a part time basis, to support the research and solution creation process, as well as supporting their Business development and Marketing efforts. . It's an amazing opportunity for me to use my research skills acquired with TheoryGlobal, and implement the best practices I recommend as a Growth Strategy Consultant.
- Unpackaged, a UK-based zero-waste consultancy and retailer, I was in charge of packaging our new product offerings, marketing and selling them. Clients range from individuals who want to open their own zero-waste stores, existing shop who want to evolve towards zero-waste, large retailers and producers who want to make their product offering more sustainable.
- At the Wellness Centre, I worked as a shiatsu practitioner as well as Marketing and Business Development consultant.
- The Food Assembly - I opened 2 branches in London between 2016 and 2018. The Food Assembly (La Ruche qui dit Oui in the UK), was an online Farmers Market reconnecting producers and consumers. the company closed its UK operations in mid 2018.
- SiriusDecisions & Gartner: Subscription-based consultancy businesses, in charge of advising Sales and Marketing leaders in medium to large businesses.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job(s) or how I ended up wearing so many different hats.