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Albert Szulman

Founder & COO
Chez ScaleUp-Booster

Paris, France

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Albert Szulman

Founder & COO
Chez ScaleUp-Booster

Français Anglais

Paris, France


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I'm a Serial Entrepreneur, after having founded and developed Be-Bound, I felt like it was time to giving back, and use my experience and Network to contribute to improve the development of innovation in France and beyond.
Michel Ktitareff and I founded ScaleUp Booster, the first start-up Accelerator As A Service, in partnership with US MAC (San Francisco), to accelerate startups differently, and give them a very opportunity to grow towards potentially becoming Unicorns (for the best), and change the World.

Accelerating startups is best done with a very strong network of Partners, which we've built over the years, in more than 30 countries. We always win together, not alone.

As a member of Ile-de-France Digital Commitee and of the French Mobility Commitee (initiated by Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Transportations in France), I was confronted to the difficult journey for startups to survive, in a very fast moving Global Environment. We, at ScaleUp Booster, help Startups grow faster, better, to have a chance to challenge the best globally.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job