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Shana Jeyakumar

Packaging Manager
Revive Superfoods

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Shana Jeyakumar

Packaging Manager
Chez Revive Superfoods

Français Anglais

Toronto, ON, Canada


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Présentation de Shana

Bonjour !

I am Shana, born and raised in Paris, France and living in Toronto as a Canadian Permanent Resident since November 2019.
I am currently working in the Pharma industry as a Procurement Specialist with an expertise in Packaging, Product Development and Industrial Engineering.
My background is Mechanical Engineering from INSA de Lyon, France.
I have worked in Paris, Hong Kong and Canada.

If you have any question regarding my career path and work experience, if I can help you anyhow, do not hesitate to contact me, I would share with great pleasure !
You can also find more about my career path on LinkedIn :

Please note that because of the time difference with France, I will not be able to reply quickly.
I am currently not available.

Also, I am NOT working in Marketing but in Supply Chain, Engineering and Design.
If you studied in Business Marketing, I will not be able to guide you.

Vous pouvez m'envoyez un message en français également !