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Guillaume Py

Innovation Management Leader

Co. Kerry, Irlande

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Guillaume Py

Innovation Management Leader
Chez Fexco

Français Anglais

Co. Kerry, Irlande


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I am the Innovation Management Leader at Fexco a global payments company based in the South West of Ireland.
As the Innovation Management Lead my role has 3 key areas of responsibilities:
- Work with the internal business lines to imagine the products and services of tomorrow with a particular focus on developing a deep understanding of the spaces we operate in and how they are likely to transform in the medium term.
- Accelerate the growth of our portfolio of internal start-ups
- Develop and manage co-creation programmes with our clients and partners.
I graduated initially from the University of Nancy 2, then went on to do a BA in business studies inn the UK. I joined Compaq computers in 1998 where I acquired a taste for technology and been at the intersection of technology, business and innovation ever since.
Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job