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Virginie Fosseprez

French teacher
Elsa High School

Hong Kong

Français Anglais

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Virginie Fosseprez

French teacher
Chez Elsa High School

Français Anglais

Hong Kong


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I teach French as a Foreign language and to Native speakers.
I work in an international school in Hong Kong. I teach to teens from 11 to 18 years old. I have classes of Language acquisition, for beginners in French, and classes of French A, for students native in French wishing to have a bilingual diploma. My days are starting at 7:40 am with a staff meeting and I usually leave around 5 pm. My school follow an English system: teachers have to be in school the whole day; I have my desk/classroom, when I am not teaching I am preparing my lessons, planning or having meetings.
I taught in Belgium for 9 years and then I wanted to change completely my life. I arrived in Hong Kong with a 3 months job at Alliance française; I taught there for 3 years and then got a job in an international school.
Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job!