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Lecturer in French
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  • 1985 Université de Mulhouse Haute-Alsace (UHA)

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I teach French language at all levels (from A1 to C1/2 level) as well as the theory and practice of translation with year 2 degree students, and interpreting for final-year students.

As explained in my introductory sentence, I teach everything about the French language (lexis, phonetics, grammar), In addition, I co-teach students in translation so that they can learn which pitfalls the translator may encounter in his/her job. Then, as an extension to this 2nd-year course, I supervise projects whereby students in their final year submit 1,500-word translations into English (of which I comment on a third of the work), so they can take stock of my comments and thus present by the end of the year a project which will read like English.

I studied the teaching of English to adults at the Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse.

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