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David Del Medico

Sales administrator

London, UK

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David Del Medico

Sales administrator
Chez Alten

Français Anglais

London, UK


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I am initially a software development engineer with over 9 years of experience acquired in various department in Paris and in London since October 2022.

Currently acting as Sales administrator, my job is basically to be the guarantor of Alten Ltd turnover.
From the validation of timesheets, to invoicing customers, chasing for payments and publishing reports to the CFO at a global level.

After 15 years of music studies which permit me to reach the high level scenes, I made studies at EIPC engineering school in the north of France, with various internships like in maketing in UK, electricity in the south of France and 3D development in Paris. I joined Alten in 2013 as aeronautical & aerospace consultant during 4 years, then moved to CGO where I discovered high direction publications and strategies during another 4 years, to finish with the Finance direction that I moved to in 2021.

I also spent my free time as reservist officer in French Air Force during 5 years and as firefighter during 6 years

Feel free to contact me for further information about any point,