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Sara Marquez

WeCare Services

Cl. 1ª, Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia

Anglais Espagnol

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Sara Marquez

Chez WeCare Services

Anglais Espagnol

Cl. 1ª, Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia


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Présentation de Sara

Hello, my name is Sara, and I'm a nurse with over ten years of experience in the healthcare field. After working in hospitals and clinics for years, I realized that many patients needed more personalized and compassionate care than they were receiving. That's why I decided to start my own business offering healthcare services at home, where I could provide the care and attention each patient deserves.

My business is built on the foundation of patient-centered care, where each patient is treated as an individual with unique needs and preferences. I take the time to get to know my patients and their families, ensuring that they feel heard and valued throughout their healthcare journey. I provide a wide range of healthcare services, including medication management, wound care, physical therapy, and more, all delivered in the comfort and privacy of my patients' homes.
What sets my business apart is my commitment to quality and safety. I am licensed and certified to provide care, and I adhere to strict standards of hygiene and infection control to ensure that my patients are safe and protected at all times. I also work closely with other healthcare professionals, including doctors and therapists, to ensure that my patients receive the best possible care.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job,