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Maxime Robert-Colin

Strategic Project Manager

Paris, France

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Maxime Robert-Colin

Strategic Project Manager
Chez DentalMonitoring

Français Espagnol Anglais

Paris, France


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I am a Strategic Projects Manager. My role is to help coordinate projects within multiple expert functions in a company (Legal, Finance, HR, Tech), in other words a conductor to deliver ambitious projects.

As a project manager, I am in charge of :
- setting up the goals for each of my projects
- communicating on deadline, delivery capabilities of my team
- mediating between departments to get the best of each and defuse tensions
- give senior executives visibility on the advancement of key topics I work on as well as risks identified
- Recruiting junior hires and interns

I studied in a Business School and graduated 5 years ago.
Worked 3 years in management consulting and have a specialization in Digital services.
I am currently working for a French Scale Up in Healthcare.
I am at becoming a member of a leadership team (CEO, Country Manager) by the next 5 years.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job