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Marie-Cecile Gaillard

Rare Diseases project manager and scientific coordinator, Orphanet
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Paris, France

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Marie-Cecile Gaillard

Rare Diseases project manager and scientific coordinator, Orphanet
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Paris, France


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Présentation de Marie-Cecile

Hello everyone,

I am Marie-Cecile Gaillard, I am currently a post doc researcher at Paris University, in the Epigenetics and Cellular Fate Laboratory (UMR 7216 unit) located in Paris. I am a biologist researcher working on epigenetics regulation in the context of disease (i.e. molecular and cellular biology techniques, whole genome methods, nuclear organization, cell modeling). Here, my current project is focusing on the heterochromatin reorganization during changes of DNA methylation and genome integrity alterations in a ICF syndrome context.

I joined this lab after a first two years-post doctoral experience in Johns Hopkins, school of medicine laboratory (Baltimore, MD, USA) where I Studied the nuclear Organization during metastasis in breast cancer and one year as a Research Engineer at the CEA (Paris, Saclay) where I proceed cellular tests and high troughput microscopy using histone chaperon inhibitors (chemical mimics).

I received my PhD degree from Aix-Marseille University in December 2015 after 3 years as a PhD student working on the epigenetic regulation of a macrosatellite sequence and the pathogenesis of a rare muscular disease, establishing phenotype/epigenotype correlation in patients and towards muscular differentiation (hIPSCs, FISH, ChIP). I occasionally tought some lectures to Master level students and have been participating to a lot of high school research workshops in biology with "Tous Chercheurs association". I also owned a Master degree from AMU in Human Pathology and Medical Genetics and did my undergraduate studies in BBMCG at Faculty of Sciences in Poitiers.

I will be happy to answer any questions and/or just discuss choices and career orientation from my personnal experience. Research is a long path with a lot of questions along the way but worth the try !
Feel free to reach me for more information,