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David Palomares

Senior Investment Advisor
BlackBull Advisors

Puebla, Mexico

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David Palomares

Senior Investment Advisor
Chez BlackBull Advisors

Français Anglais Allemand Espagnol

Puebla, Mexico


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Présentation de David

Hello dear students and colleagues,

I began my career in finance as an intern at Société Générale Investment Bank in Paris, at La Défense. Since 2007 I have managed portfolios and have taught market finance at universities in my home country, Mexico, I just love teaching! In 2018 I obtained a license from the National Banking and Securities Commission in Mexico to perform Wealth (Portfolio) Management as well as Investment Advisory activities for both individuals and companies (that wish to go public).

During the pandemic, I understood that in case of death, it wasn't wise for a single person to handle client's funds, so I merged with my competition, BlackBull Advisors (, so that there would be other people to take charge of the clients (Fortunately we survived). Since then, I serve as a Senior Investment Advisor at the firm. My tasks consist in maintaining and growing the client base, taking investment decisions on behalf of the clients, and teaching them how financial markets work in remarkably simple terms.

We trade on global markets (stocks, ETF's, leveraged ETF's, and mutual funds listed in the either the New York Stock Echange, NASDAQ or AMEX), through the largest US brokers like Interactive Brokers and Merrill (formerly Merrill Lynch). We currently serve our clients in more than 30 cities in 9 countries. We're located on the 26th floor of Torre Natyvo, in Lomas de Angelópolis, the urban area of Puebla, Mexico.

Personally, I'm a member of the board, and financial advisor to a Startup company (a hospital group) in which I lead the Investor Relations team, I'm in direct negotiations with private funds, and I have already signed an agreement with the Mexican Stock Exchange to take the company public in the future.

I'm open to exchange knowledge and experience in either English or French (Spanish is my mother tongue). Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job and how I can be of service to your career.

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