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Silvy Scheu

Clinical Operation Manager
KB Medical SA

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

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Silvy Scheu

Clinical Operation Manager
Chez KB Medical SA

Anglais Français Allemand

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland


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Biomedical engineer from my studies, I worked for Computer Motion in the robotic Surgery as a clinical development Specialist being the person in between the engineer in the US and the surgeon with who I was working to improve the robot and make the surgeries easier for the surgeon. I worked in different countries in Europe, different hospital and different specialities (as urology in Berlin and Basel, cardiac surgery in Poland, netherland or in Switzerland., pediatric in Belgium....). Every time I had to adapt to the surgeon way of working, train the nures, technician and surgeon to the use of the robot. Define new way of doing surgical procedure.
After that I moved to Hanoi in Vietnam where this time I help a good company to improve there machine and develop new machine in the neonatalogy department. This time the challenge was not only on the machine but also with the people and the way they are working. Trying to adapt occidental machine to an asiatic environment, looking for material and disposable we could find in Vietnam to make, develop, use and repair the equipment. Then I joined KB Medical (now Globus Medical) in Switzerland. I wrote technical document (like User Manual, IFUs, Training Manual..) for CE mark et FDA approval. I trained surgeon, nurses and personal staff in the use of the robot and helped them during surgery.
Since that I am helping student in math and physic and try to teach them the taste of those two wonderful subject. I am looking for a job in medical device as an application engineer or training person.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job