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Antoine CANAT

postdoctoral researcher
Helmholtz Zentrum München

Munich, Germany

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Antoine CANAT

postdoctoral researcher
Chez Helmholtz Zentrum München

Français Anglais

Munich, Germany


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I worked during 4 years in the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris, France as a PhD candidate. I graduated in 2020 and have decided to continue my career as a postdoctoral researcher in Munich, Germany.

My PhD project was focused on the epigenetic regulation of chromatin in embryonic stem cells: how is the DNA organized in the nucleus of embryonic stem cells and what makes them keep these stemness capacities.

I decided to stay in academia and went to Munich to work still on the nucleus and DNA regulation but this time by using both embryonic stem cells and mouse embryos as well.

The purpose of these researches is both to understand how a single-cell, the zygote, can give rise to all tissues of the organism, but also to deeply understand the mechanisms regulating genome functions and in particular how cells manage to fit about 2m of DNA inside a 10µm-nucleus and still being able to use this genetic information.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job in the public research sector,