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Florian Delisle

Global Finance LSS Black Belt

Paris, France

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Florian Delisle

Global Finance LSS Black Belt
Chez 3M

Français Anglais

Paris, France


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Currently I'm Responsible - with the support of a dedicated team and the assistance of a selected network of tax counsels - for the tax management of 3M Group operations in Western Europe. My missions are:
- Closely partnering with Business operational & Legal in commercial negotiations (for e.g. price structuring, distributors’ relationships or complex invoicing schemes),
- Streamlining of structural tax costs: structuring, restructuring & liquidation,
- Teaming up with 3M Innovation & Manufacturing Teams for securing R&D resources (R&D credit, subsidies & grants),
- Cooperating with EHS teams for the management of Eco Taxes,
- Supervision and/or direct involvements in all tax audit procedures,
- Governance of all VAT compliance and invoicing practices,
- Management of several tax consolidated groups: perimeter variations, interco operations or monitoring NOLs sustainability,
- French and US Gaap Tax accounting, reporting and compliance (4terly US reporting, FEC, VAT Safe Audit Trail documentation, etc…)

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