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Marcos Fuentes

Senior Software Development Engineer (SDE III)

Seattle, WA, USA

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Marcos Fuentes

Senior Software Development Engineer (SDE III)
Chez Amazon

Anglais Espagnol Français

Seattle, WA, USA


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Présentation de Marcos

I started my career in Software Engineering in 2009. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I worked on a small Chilean startup called Mobilemate, creating software for mobile devices running the J2ME platform and social media apps for digital marketing and education. I also developed on the iOS platform augmented reality applications and games. One of those ranked top #1 in the Chilean App Store:

During my masters in Denmark in 2011, I participatied in the DADIU program, a Danish program that Danish students from different disciplines in a joint curriculum to learn and build a video game. I broadly applied what I learnt in the Real Time Graphics in the Unity Engine, creating custom shaders, visual effects and performance optimization. The game developed was nominated for the Indie Cade Event:

After my masters I returned to Chile in 2013. I worked for 6 years in the Chilean company TiMining. I worked on a mining simulation software for the hauling transportation system. The software is used by mining engineers to evaluate hauling plans, testing different strategies with an experience that resembles a video game. I worked on a graphics engine written from scratch in OpenGL/C++, implemented histogram fitting formulas and data visualization using custom optimized shaders. I introduced agile methodologies to the company. Currently the software is used in mines in Chile and the world.

I've been working on Amazon since 2019. I'm working on developing Amazon request routing foundational technologies to provide the rest of the company the flexibility and availability it needs to grow.

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