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George Araman

Author & CEO
Grey Dance of Love LLC

Delaware, USA

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George Araman

Author & CEO
Chez Grey Dance of Love LLC

Français Anglais Arabe

Delaware, USA


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Présentation de George

Hi there,
I am regular person just like you and I speak both French and English.
After I did my bachelor and than my masters in GEM, I set out into the world doing regular stuff. I started with an internship in Barclays bank, followed by a couple of other jobs in the technology field (RFID), the automotive industry and I even worked in my family business in lighting...

But I've always had a big dream, I've always wanted to do something that would make a difference. And so after being friend-zoned by my ex best friend, I really wanted to find a solution...

I am going to launch my first book on relationships next February (2019) and already have some endorsements from influential people like Brian Tracy. My book is based on 200+ books and 1200+ articles that I read, a 3 month experiment I conducted and my personal experience.

My book features solutions such as:
--> How to create, ignite and re-ignite sparks
--> Why men/women are attracted to bad boys/girls and how to create attraction with anyone
--> Why men/women love nice boys/girls and how to develop and maintain deep love & intimacy
--> Why we are friendzoned and how to go from friend to lover
--> Why couples that have been in love for years suddenly fall out of love & how to avoid it
--> Why men/women cheat and why men/women are cheated upon & how to avoid it
And much more

My Achievements throughout the years Include:
✔ Financial and Quality improvements
✔ Systems & Processes improvements
✔ Increase customer base
✔ Resolution of communication and cross-cultural issues
✔ Increase customer and coworker satisfaction
✔ I developed a workshop to motivate employees to perform better and be more productive at work.

I would be delighted to discuss with you about your dreams and how you can change the world.
If you are a regular person who wants to make a difference than please don't hesitate!
If you love to continuously learn and improve than please don't hesitate!
There are a lot of things we can discuss, my approach would be mainly based on all the books and research and influencers I have learned from, so while we will definitely discuss about the 'mundane' stuff, we're going to talk mainly about your habits, your patterns, how you think, how we can leverage all that... We will follow models from Leonardo Da Vinci, Anthony Robbins, Brian tracy, etc.

Let's change the world, let's change your world !