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Mon parcours

  • 2019 Yoga Teacher Escuela Internacional YOGA
  • 2017 Arts & Illustration ESDIP
  • 2012 Marketing NEOMA Business School
  • 2012 Gestión Comercial y Marketing ESIC

Formation conseillée

  • Formation Spécialisée
  • Compétences recommandées

    • Creativity
    • People leadership ability
    • Innovation
    • Empathie
    • Imaginatif

    Hello everyone!

    If you are reading this is maybe because you are about to enter the professional world and you have all kind of trouble on your mind. It’s ok, it’s normal and it has a cure.

    I am Cristina Esnaola and I am currently living in Cantabria, north of Spain. I live in a little cottage near the sea. I live surrounded by nature and peace, which I really love, sincerely.

    I have studied Marketing and Business Management in Madrid and I have become a Content Manager after 8 long years of experience. I am currently working for a Spanish company that runs all over the globe providing services that improve people’s lives. I am leading different projects with a wonderful group of people; We work hand in hand with our clients measuring their satisfaction and tasting their needs to design our products. It is fascinating!

    If you are a bit lost or just want an opinion, do not hesitate to contact me.

    See you soon!