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Sergio Luna

Sr. Product Manager

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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Sergio Luna

Sr. Product Manager
Chez Amazon

Français Anglais Espagnol

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I believe everyone has an untapped potential to do either what they are meant to do or what they love to do. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is too difficult to figure "what that is", often times requiring many years or decades. Through life-changing decisions of moving countries, changing my professional orientation (upskilling), and by going through a catharsis during the Covid confinement, I have found two of my passions: product management and arts. I hope my experience can help you discover or embrace these areas, or decide to make difficult career and life decisions.

I am currently a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon Europe and have 7+ of experience building CX products in e-commerce and streaming platforms (Prime Video) for both B2B/B2C for customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Before, I worked in the manufacturing sector as quality lead for hardware products at IBM (high-performance computing). In 2015, I decided to take the risk to switch careers (and countries) and move to France for my MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Today, I live in Luxembourg. In addition, I do creative writing, paint, play music, and have different on-going projects combining all these areas.

If you want to (1) know more about and how to get into product management, (2) discuss about making career changes, (3) talk about finding one's passion or (4) simply to talk about life in general -- feel free to reach out to me! I normally take 2-3 days to respond but I'm always thrilled to connect with new people and exchange ideas.