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Sacha Ledan

Program Director, dy/dx
Chez Stanford University

Palo Alto, Californie, États-Unis

Anglais Français

Sacha Ledan

Program Director, dy/dx
Chez Stanford University

Anglais Français

Palo Alto, Californie, États-Unis


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TL;DR: (Je parle français aussi) I can help with advice on becoming: a business development manager (sales, partnerships & marketing), an entrepreneur, running a nonprofit, moving from France to the US for work or study.


I am a young professional, passionate about entrepreneurship, new business models, new technologies and innovations.

I am currently in charge of building a new program for founders of Series A/B stage startups and helping them hit an inflection point in sales/revenues in preparation for their accelerating growth.

I previously worked at Stanford's startup accelerator as a Business Development Manager, bringing in Fortune 500 companies to partner with the startups in our community. Being in an entrepreneurial environment my role was diverse and not limited to sales and sales strategy but also encompassed some marketing, operations and HR responsibilities.

I also worked at top 10 law firm doing business development to get startup and VC clients, partnering with accelerators & Universities (YC, Alchemist, Stanford, UC Berkeley, etc.), and organizing events and speaker engagements for the partners of the firm.

I have also co-founded a graphic and web design agency for startups, mainly focused on Silicon Valley startups for now.

Lastly, I have done some consulting for a multiple early-stage startups and a Corporate VC in Healthcare.

Therefore, I have a very good understanding and knowledge of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. My main focus is on sales/new business development but having worked in entrepreneurial environments I also know a fair amount about Marketing, Legal, Administrative tasks and Finance in a startup context.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job or experiences. I can help with information about Client facing roles (Business Development, Account management, Customer Success...), how to get into them and be successful; Or about founding a company/non-profit and running it; Or entrepreneurship in general. Also, I can give advice about working in the US and France and being in international work environments, and managing a remote workforce.

I look forward to helping as much as I can and hopefully giving you some of the tools and an idea of the path to take for you to be successful in your professional career!
- Sacha