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Michel Bosco

Managing Director
MAM International Consulting

Brussels, Belgium

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Michel Bosco

Managing Director
Chez MAM International Consulting

Français Anglais

Brussels, Belgium


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With over thirty years experience in the fields of information technologies, security, aerospace and defence, I have managed international negotiations within multibillion € industrial and R&D programmes.
I advise high-tech companies, public agencies and research organisations as regards to their business development, innovation, investment, and export strategies - from providing policy understanding and analysis for strategic orientations, to helping with more tactical and short-term priority-setting as regards to R&D investments, and including coaching teams and managers preparing for international business deals (within and beyond the EU.) I also teach research policies, innovation and management of companies in areas of national sovereignty and homeland security (security; defence; space) in France and in the USA.
My connections include senior policy-makers, business leaders, and renowned researchers worldwide.

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