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Olivier Guerinault

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Paris, France

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Olivier Guerinault

Co-founding Partner
Chez Alfalfaz

Français Anglais

Paris, France


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My thirst to discover, learn and share guides my day. The development of my teams and their knowledge has always been a priority for me and part of their success. This willingness to share does not limit itself to my direct team and reaches the entire ecosystem.

My 20+ year path in the pharmaceutical industry has provided me with a solid expertise in leading strategic projects, encompassing organizational transformations, design of distribution networks, acquiring and integrating new activities or divesting entire portfolios. These transformations were global in nature with remote team and international stakeholder management. Fueling my thirst of discovery, I have recently worked with the United Nations as a Supply Chain expert while also collaborating on humanitarian missions as an Executive in residence at the French business school INSEAD. These experiences have been extremely rewarding especially when on the ground in Rwanda to help this country grow.

This endless thirst for learning and developing myself has led me more recently to the other French Business school, HEC, to gain an executive master in the management of strategic business unit.

I am particularly passionate about the following areas : strategic analysis, business model transformation, organizational design, innovation and digital business strategy, talent development and change management.

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