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Valentin Dimitrov

Implementation Consultant
BISAM a FactSet Company

Paris, France

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Valentin Dimitrov

Implementation Consultant
Chez BISAM a FactSet Company

Français Anglais Bulgare

Paris, France


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I have experience as a business analyst, developer, production support, and product owner for financial software products :
- Consultation regarding the functional configuration of the software: total return, asset breakdown, and equity attribution calculations for portfolios
- Assistance with the understanding of the results
- Setup of data pipelines (mapping, transcodification, transformation) for accounting and market data
- Setup and utilization of the various data extraction methods supported by the product (flat files and web services)
- Description, testing, and handover to the client of target production workflows
- Creation of both functional (i.e. detailed user guides) and technical (i.e. specifications) documentation for the project
- Bug reproduction and testing of fixes

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