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Dan Low

Associate Director and Corporate Trainer
World Education

Paris, France

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Dan Low

Associate Director and Corporate Trainer
Chez World Education

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Paris, France


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As an international consultant, author and corporate trainer, I created a series of directly operational, unique tools combining Eastern and Western management strategies. My more than 30 years' experience, combined with 3 years' intensive research in 4 major European countries, has shown that the non-application of 4 concepts has caused trillions of dollars of yearly financial losses in companies worldwide and untold sufferings to billions of people.

I currently teach these concepts, together with a series of other powerful tools, to increase one's potential and corporate results, while eliminating stress. My webinars are also hosted by more than 5 business school associations led by ESCP Europe Alumni since 2015.

It will be a pleasure getting to know your hopes and desires in attaining your objectives and creating a brighter future for yourself. I was in the same shoes as you when I first started my professional life. It's gonna be fun exploring the possibilities together :).

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about how I can help you attain your objectives - whatever they are - with no stress.