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Mon parcours

  • 2009 Master Recherche en IA Université Montpellier 2

Formation conseillée

  • Bac +5
  • Compétences recommandées

    • Programmation
    • Espit d'équipe
    • Multi disciplinary
    • Marketing
    • Market knowledge
    • Gestion


    Passionate of R&D, experienced in AI, algorithms and lately in VR. Work is my drug.

    Since 2015 working on an innovative product of sport training in Virtual Reality named « Fit Immersion ». The idea is to make a workout more motivating by using 360° content. This solution is compatible with exercise bikes, elliptical machines and turbo trainers.

    We create the future of fitness, follow Fit Immersion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

    Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job