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Ingenieur recherche et développement, support technique, expert technologie

Mon parcours

  • 2003 Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • 1985 Université Saint-Etienne Jean Monnet

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I’ve been working for more than 30 years at Multibase as research and development and technical support engineer for customers in various markets, like appliances/white goods and packaging (especially film application) automotive.

I have a strong expertise in customer relationships, compounding technology and formulation.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been a specialist in Masterbatch technology at Multibase (high filled polyolefin masterbatches and silicoe masterbatches).

Developement, customers project, new ideas-concept are my passion!

I am an expert in plastic processing technologies (especially Injection molding, profile, blown and cast film

extrusion), I bring technical support to our customer/distributors (teaching, /technical presentations/technical trias, etc), I am a speaker at various international conferences about automotive and packaging applications, I am teaching at University, I release technical publications and I manage engineering trainees and PhD students.

I have started at Multibase at the very beginning of this company as research and development engineer.

Year after year, and because of the amazing development and growth of this company, and with lot of passion, I have participated and was in charge of the introduction of new concepts and technologies.

I have built a long experience in this company and I have met lots of actors all around the world (customers, suppliers, universities, students), that gave me an open mind. After this long career, I’m recognized as a specialist in compounding.

My passion today is to support, teach and transfer my knowledge to the new generations, and to learn from them!

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