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Asha Achar

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Paris, France


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As a Product Manager, translate the product strategy into a detailed roadmap, prioritizing features and enhancements based on customer feedback, market analysis, and business goals.

- Defining and executing the product strategy to meet business objectives.
- Prioritizing and managing the product roadmap and feature development.
- Conducting market research and analyzing customer needs and preferences.
-Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure successful product development and launch.
- Monitoring product performance, gathering user feedback, and driving continuous improvement.
- Aligning product development with quality standards and ensuring a seamless user experience.
- Managing stakeholders and effectively communicating product updates and value propositions.
- Making data-driven decisions based on analytics and market insights.
- Driving product adoption, growth, and profitability in the market.
- Keeping up with industry trends and competitors to maintain a competitive edge.

I started my career as an Application developer and learned the front-end and backend technologies to understand the application lifecycle.
Then moved into testing devices for apps. As QA i learned many aspects and decision-making as a QA manager.
Worked with several top companies as my clients with internal and external teams.
I moved abroad to study for my MBA to continue my professional journey as a manager

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job