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Amin Kabbani

Vice President KSA
Live Nation KSA

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Amin Kabbani

Vice President KSA
Chez Live Nation KSA

Français Arabe Anglais

Riyadh Saudi Arabia


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As the Vice President Arabic Talents and General Manager of Saudi Arabia, my primary responsibility is to oversee and manage Live Nation's operations in Saudi Arabia, with a specific focus on promoting and nurturing Arabic talents within the entertainment industry. This
includes identifying promising artists, organizing live events, concerts, and festivals, as well as fostering partnerships with local stakeholders to create a vibrant music scene in Saudi Arabia.

1. Strategic Planning: I am responsible for developing and implementing the overall strategic direction of Live Nation in Saudi Arabia. This includes setting goals, identifying growth opportunities, and formulating plans to achieve business objectives.
2. Business Development: I play a crucial role in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities. This may involve establishing partnerships with local venues, artists, promoters, and sponsors to bring live events to Saudi Arabia.
3. Event Management: I oversee the planning, organization, and execution of live events, concerts, festivals, and other entertainment experiences. This includes managing budgets, negotiating contracts, coordinating logistics, and ensuring a seamless experience for both artists and attendees.
4. Team Leadership: As the General Manager, I lead a team of professionals across various departments such as marketing, operations, finance, and talent management. My role involves providing guidance, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that the team is aligned with the company's vision.
5. Financial Management: I am responsible for financial planning and budgeting for Live Nation in Saudi Arabia. This includes monitoring revenue streams, controlling costs, and optimizing profitability while maintaining high-quality entertainment experiences.
6. Stakeholder Engagement: Building strong relationships with key stakeholders such as government entities, sponsors, media partners, and local communities is vital.

I am a professional with extensive experience in the entertainment industry, particularly in the live events and music sector. I have a strong track record of success in leadership roles, demonstrating exceptional strategic thinking, business acumen, and a deep understanding of the Saudi Arabian market. My background includes a combination of academic achievements and practical experience.

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